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Plastica Alfa has been investing for thirty years in the field of irrigation, hydraulics, thermo-hydraulics and gardening and, thanks to continuous innovation effort straining to complete the range, now the company has several product lines, each of which is suitable to certain functions and has specific characteristics.


PLASTICA ALFA introduces the new BALL BIBCOCK. The body is molded in high impact plastic (PP) PN16, UV and low-temperature resistant, the inside ball and stem are made in brass CW617N. 
It is available with a lever handle or a butterfly handle; the measures of the male thread connection to the water supply are ½”, ¾” and 1”. The outlet has a metal adaptor or a quick-release connector  for garden hoses.


The VALVE BOX WITH ICE VALVE for irrigation equipped with female connection thread ø ¾” at the base for connection to the water supply and  male threaded ice valve ø ¾” integrated. The materials used ensure high UV resistance and durability. The new valve box can be buried or blocked with cement; it has fully passed mechanical strength tests in our laboratory. [continue]

Plastica Alfa has introduced the new CLAMP SADDLE WITH WEDGE

Created to simplify the installation process, the new clamp enters the market with its main feature: bolts free and easy assembly without clamping tool. 

The installation is possible thanks of two polypropylene sledges and the diameters are available from size ø 32 to ø 110. The treaded connection, available in BSP or NTP, has got the following sizes 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”.


The new HYDROCYCLONE ALFATURBO ® is able to remove great quantity of sand, slags and solid particles from the water by using the centrifugal force generated by the water; it is accelerated by the rotating motion against the conical walls of the body. The tests carried out on the Alfaturbo show a filtering capacity of  98%, whereas the metallic filters filtering capacity is around 85%. The PAGF body, very resistant to corrosion, rust and limestone, is characterized by extreme lightness and handling, easy disassembly and cleaning.

The BLUFERT fertigation system is designed to manage irrigation and fertigation in greenhouses and in the open field , open loop. The  fertilizer injection can be driven by nvolumetric programming or by EC (electric conductibility). Irrigation can be programmed via a hourly schedule ,cyclical repetitions in fixed intervals or modulated by external sensor integration (typically a solar radiation sensor).

The installation and commissioning of the machine is simple and intuitive thanks to the programming pages dedicated to the installer, which allows the testing of all I / O and auto-tuning of control ..[continued]


Tubi e raccordi in PPR - PPR Pipes and fittings



Una struttura organizzativa agile, un'organizzazione produttiva flessibile, uno staff giovane e dinamico sono le risorse che ci hanno permesso di essere presenti in 80 paesi in tutto il mondo, di rafforzare le relazioni commerciali e penetrare in nuovi segmenti di mercato, mantenendo l’obiettivo della Qualità totale. continue

How We Work

We have been offering high-quality products for 30 years: the Quality and Environment Certificate allowed us to implement a Management System consistent with our philosophy: customer service, constant monitoring of the market requirements, research and development activity, all directed to design and manufacture new products, respecting the environment.. How We Work

Alfaidro Faser

The Alfaidro Faser range includes multilayer PPR pipes reinforced by an intermediate layer of special fibers.
Suitable for hot and cold potable water, Alfaidro Faser can be joined with the whole range of Alfaidro fittings using the traditional welding techniques...continue