SIMPLE Microeolic

The technological objective of the SIMPLE project “Silent Integrated Modular Pole for Lighting and Eolic” (Intervention Line of Sicily POR FEST 2007-2013) is the design and implementation of a microeolic generation system of sizes between 200 and 1000 W used for the production of energy from renewable sources. It should be mainly used to distribute generation in urban area, both on land piling and buildings, and low power generation in rural and remote sites. It is forecasted to supply the SIMPLE system with an additional energetic storage located in the support structure capable to supply a ongoing energy even in wind absence.  
The project, through specific research and experimental development in the polymeric materials industry, from the study of fluid dynamics, engineering and automation process, aims to develop an innovative technological solution able to guarantee at the same time high efficiency, “cut in” reduction which should allow energetic production starting from wind speed lower than 2m/sec,  and finally low manufacturing costs by using composite polymeric materials.  
The micro eolic SIMPLE turbine with an innovative design and a urban shape application easily integrated in Led lighting system, will be realized by exploiting geometries able to obtain high fluid dynamic  yields and low sound effects when rotating at high speeds.