Innovative materials
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Innovative materials

The consolidated experience in the development and reactive blending of polymer composite and nanocomposite materials are the basis for the design of products with high added value for specific applications such as polymer-based pipes with high resistance to aggressive chemicals.
It is a multilayer polymer with an internal and external chemical barrier. The external barrier property of the pipe is a key installation aspect  for the transportation of drinking water in contaminated areas or subjected to potential chemical contamination (industrial sites, oil & gas etc)avoiding corrosive effects and consequently, water contamination.
The  barrier properties on the inner surface are instead particularly suitable in the hospital/health care sector, where the inner layer of the pipe, functionalized, easily resists  to the aggression of agents like chlorine dioxide, normally used in disinfection process of the infrastructure which transports water in health facilities.
The polymer is made of multilayer material characterized by thermoplastic polymer materials of polypropylene which have been co-extruded with polymer alloys having high polyamide performance able to resist to aggressive acidic and basic agents. 
Through an innovative process of compatibilization and reactive mixture between the polyolefin matrix (with high mechanical properties) and a polyamide structure (with high chemical resistance) will be possible to manufacturer this functionalized system on an industrial scale.