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ALFAIDRO NOFIRE system includes the Faser pipe, made of PP-RCT reinforced by an intermediate layer of special fibers, and PP-RCT fittings designed for use in wet pipe automatic sprinkler systems. 

ALFAIDRO NOFIRE is the innovation in fire fighting as it is the alternative to metal piping for its easy installation, no corrosion and no sprinkler clogging, no leaks at the joints, time and cost saving for piping maintenance. [continue]


Plastica Alfa has been manufacturing and selling worldwide Alfaidro PPR pipes and fittings for more than 25 years as these stand out for reliability and a very complete range.
The development of the range is characterized by the composite pipes in PPR-PPGF-PPR - Alfaidro Faser - and multilayer PPR-Al-PPR - Alfaidro Aluminium pipes. Thanks to their dimensional stability, these are best suited for heating and cooling systems, compressed air systems and various industrial applications. Moreover these can be joined with the whole range of Alfaidro fittings using the traditional welding techniques.




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