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The R&D department, composed of 6 people with different high level curricula, focuses on the constant development of the products and  process transformation, making innovation the strongest point of the company's global competitiveness. The team includes  engineers, industrial chemists, designers, specialized mechanical experts.
The great synergy between these consolidated interdisciplinary experiences in the material science filed, chemistry and engineering process represents the starting point of the development of advanced materials and Plastica Alfa's ability to do a real technological transfer of what has been  developed on a laboratory scale.
The development of nano composite material or functionalized one represents a strategic and transverse achievement in fields like automotive, aerospace, medical, environment, transport, security and energy. 
Currently the R&D department is committed in the development of innovative materials which includes organic and inorganic molecules in order to enhance the mechanical properties, the thermal stability, the flame retardant features and its chemical resistance. 
The ability to develop these structural materials allows to edit the thermal stability, the optical, magnetic and electric properties of the polymeric matrices “planning” in fact a new product with high added value based on the specific request of the market.
The strong incentive towards the development of materials and innovative systems combined with the R&D Department skills  has allowed, in the last years, to mainly concentrate  in the development of advanced technologies like  the production of energy from renewable sources (eolic, biomass) and the environmental protection with the development of photo bioreactors starting from polymer base applied in biochemical process used for CO2 conversion. These research and development activities  are mainly performed in strong collaboration with CNR universities and institutes highly qualified present in  the national territory.


Una struttura organizzativa agile, un'organizzazione produttiva flessibile, uno staff giovane e dinamico sono le risorse che ci hanno permesso di essere presenti in 80 paesi in tutto il mondo, di rafforzare le relazioni commerciali e penetrare in nuovi segmenti di mercato, mantenendo l’obiettivo della Qualità totale. continue

How We Work

We have been offering high-quality products for 30 years: the Quality and Environment Certificate allowed us to implement a Management System consistent with our philosophy: customer service, constant monitoring of the market requirements, research and development activity, all directed to design and manufacture new products, respecting the environment.. How We Work

Alfaidro Faser

The Alfaidro Faser range includes multilayer PPR pipes reinforced by an intermediate layer of special fibers.
Suitable for hot and cold potable water, Alfaidro Faser can be joined with the whole range of Alfaidro fittings using the traditional welding techniques...continue