Virtuemart Extensions



The new line ValvEvolution includes a series of one-piece body valves in plastic, without welding that could become critical crack points, which is built through an only procedure of fusion and injection moulding rigorously checked.


The invulnerability of this product is strengthened by its resistance to corrosion, mechanical stress, formation of calcareous deposits, typical characteristics of  the plastic body.

Particular attention has been paid to the handle design, where the research was accompanied by various ergonomic tests: the result is a very performing and aesthetically pleasant product.
Valvevolution includes various lines of valves:
- PPR socket welding (polipropilene random) for hydraulics and thermo-hydraulics (Alfaidro System: PPR Pipe and fittings)

- PPGF (polypropilene glass fiber) for hydraulics and irrigation;

- ICE VALVES for use at very low temperature (up to -30 °C);

- COMPRESSION VALVE (with compression fittings);