Virtuemart Extensions


Alfaidro PPR System finds great exploitation in some specific applications:


hot and cold water supply in civil and public building, industrial systems for the supply of calcareous water, oils, highly corrosive liquids and food liquids, underfloor heating systems, thanks to PPR high flexibility and the possibility of covering the system with cement, radiator systems, where it is necessary to estimate the thermal expansion, compressed air systems, means of transport (ships, planes, caravans, etc.), where chemical resistance to brackish water, lightness and capacity of absorption of means in motion vibrations are of fundamental importance.
The Alfaidro Faser range includes multilayer PPR pipes reinforced by an intermediate layer of special fibers
Suitable for hot and cold potable water, Alfaidro Faser can be joined with the whole range of Alfaidro fittings using the traditional welding techniques.
MULTIPEXALFA is a multilayer pipe made of three layers joined together through an adhesive; the intermediate layer is an aluminum foil which makes it totally impermeable to oxygen, giving the pipe greater resistance to pressure, depression and crushing while maintaining it extremely ductile; the organoleptic properties of the fluids conveyed remain unchanged.
MULTYPEXALFA is designed for the transport of water under pressure and is used in the following applications: sanitary systems, traditional heating systems, air conditioning systems, radiant heating and cooling systems. It can also be used in compressed air systems, greenhouses and gardens irrigation, transport of food liquids and industrial applications.