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Alfa DRAIN is the new line of trapped floor drains developed by  Plastica Alfa and intended for the building market (swimming pools, courtyards, sports facilities, etc.) with the usual attention to the quality and choice of materials. Alfa DRAIN includes three types of PP floor drains with VERTICAL connection in size 100x100 mm,150x150mm and 200x200mm. All these grant the disposal of rain and waste water in public areas (bathrooms, terraces, patios, basements, swimming pools, etc..), the dry trap prevents from smell; they also grant a quick installation, easy inspection and cleaning. The use of the polypropylene ensures: 1) Heat stability (the material used must withstand the temporary contact with domestic wastewater in a temperature range between 20 and 95 ° C; 2) Good resistance to acids and chemicals; 3) Optimum protection against scales thanks to the smooth walls, with "self-cleaning effect"; 4) Good workability resulting in time saving.


Shortly  the Alfa DRAIN range will be expanded with a series with horizontal spigot connections.
The Alfa DRAIN range is made in accordance with the UNI EN 1253 standard stating  the physical requirements for the floor drains construction; the standard  provides the height of water column for drain-traps, the capacity load, the discharge capacity, the temperature resistance and tightness.