An Italian History
Virtuemart Extensions

An Italian History

1975-1983  Mario Pace  (the present General Manager) and Francesco Nobile establish “Studio Alfa Irrigazione”, a company intended for the design and the realization of irrigation systems. This experience soon evolves in Plastica Alfa S.r.l. a manufacturing company of pipe fittings to support Studio Alfa Irrigazione: working with just two moulding presses the production of Alfa Jo drippers and barbed fittings begins.

1985  The company exhibit for the first time to the international trade show, Eima in Bologna: from this year on, our presence to the international trade shows becomes a strategic moment for the presentation of new products and the confrontation with the other companies.  
1987 The first line of plastic cylinder valves and ball valves for irrigation is born. Thanks to these items the company enters the foreign market. 
1989-1990 The company widens its production to a new field: thermo-hydraulics, with a line of pipe and fittings in polypropylene random (PPR): the ALFAIDRO SYSTEM is born. 
1991-1992 the project for the first compression fittings line takes shape: the BluLine enters the market quickly becoming a fundamental support for hydraulics and irrigation.
1994  Plastica Alfa obtains the Quality Management System Certificate: it is one of the first companies to endow a control system of all the internal production processes.
1995 The second compression fittings line is projected and realized: BLACK line, specifically intended for irrigation.
1996-1998 Plastica Alfa strengthen its irrigation production: drip line fittings and tape fittings are born, both lines are characterized by a high level of flexibility in the installation. 
1999-2000 A two year period of flurry production: Venturi ALFA injectors, Valve Boxes, Disk Filters line, all these products are improved and completed with all the measures in the following years, becoming popular in the foreign market. 
2000 The company obtains the Certification for the Environmental Management System fulfilling the requirements of  the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard. 
2000-2001 The production department and the workshop move to the new factory covering an area of 6.000 m2. The company invests in new technologies, introducing CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) system. 
During the following years other computer numerical controlled tools are employed (CNC workstations, milling machines, electron discharge lathes).  
2001 The third compression fittings line is born, Blu Line PLUS, characterized by an innovative design, quick joint system and high performances (PN16).
The Quality System improves, fulfilling the new requirements of UNI EN ISO “VISION” 9000:2000 standard. 
2002 The company acquires a factory for the production of PE, PPR and spiral pipes.
2003 The administrative offices move to the new premises covering an area of 16.700 m2, thus counting 32.000 m2  in total together with the existing factories.
2004-2006 Our first PPR valve with metal ball is born: the Valvevolution range is widened in a short time with the threaded version in PPGF (Polypropylene with Fiberglass), flanged and Victaulic connections for irrigation, hydraulics, food & beverage industry.
2007 Plastica Alfa together with Valvevolution and Blu Line PLUS brands, fruits of the company's creative ideas,  become copyrighted trademarks.  
2008 The company widens its products range with MULTYPEXALFA: the new Pex-Al-Pex multilayer pipe and a line of brass nickel plated Press Fittings. 
2010-2012 The new ALFATURBO is born: is the first hydrocyclone entirely made of tecno-polymers with very high performances and a lot of different configurations, that’s why it is an indispensable complement for every kind of filtration network.
2013 Two new ranges are on the market at the same time: ALFA DRAIN a new line of trapped floor drains intented for the pubblic spaces, sport facilities, swimming pools or parking areas; and Alfaidro Faser  the ultimate PPR Systems with multilayer pipes with glass or other special fiber inside. In this range is also included the firefighting system NOFIRE Pipe with European Certification against flames and toxic emission.