Quality & Certification
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Quality Certifications

The focal point at the basis of our activity is the Quality Management, intended not only as a system of international standards - ISO 9001 - according to which we work and arrange production - but above all as a system of reference that guarantees our commitment to a continuous improvement. 


In 1994 we won the bet of the Quality Certification with this spirit: make it  a competitive  arm so as to assure our clients of the maximum transparency and responsibility in the production, procurement and logistic process.

All our products are totally MADE IN ITALY: designed, manufactured and assembled with Italian methods and materials.



The quality certificate assures the clients and the company itself of the reliability of the products and company policy. The Quality Management System complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard as per the certificate no. 14157-A Kiwa and recognized at European level. 

Managing the impact of our activities on the environment is the focus of our attention in order to grant the company a sustainable development increasing with time.


Plastica Alfa's main objective is to provide products with high quality standards to achieve full customer satisfaction. For this purpose, all items Plastica Alfa are subjected to a rigorous program of testing and controls so as to check the quality at all stages of the production process, from the arrival of raw materials to finished product release allocating exclusively to packing lots which exceed the quality controls.