Virtuemart Extensions



An agile  organisational structure, a flexible productive organization, a young and dynamic staff are the resources that enabled Plastica Alfa to be present in 80 countries in the world, to strengthen commercial relationships and penetrate new segments of the market, maintaining the aim of Total Quality.
The continuous improvement of the productive process has always been the most important long-term target in the conviction that the true priority is that of providing high quality products, guaranteed in efficiency and reliability, conceived according to the International Standards and manufactured with high-quality materials.
Finally, our remarkable flexibility and constant attention to the client, really beyond the simple customer care, allow us to develop a solid partnership with the customers and enter the markets with remarkable strength:
Wide and complete range of products for different applications;
Constant research on materials with the most important suppliers and the most important experimental centers;
Productive and operational flexibility;
Constant attention to the client.